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25. 12. 2009 english späť


London, 23 December 2009 Telefónica today announced the acquisition of the leading communications innovator JAJAH for the value of €145 million ($207 million) in an all-cash transaction. The agreement is subject to formal clearance by CNC, the Spanish competition authority.

The purchase of JAJAH – based in Silicon Valley, California, and Israel – significantly enriches Telefónica’s capabilities to offer cutting-edge communications services for customers online – whenever, wherever and however they want.

JAJAH services are used in around 200 countries by millions of people and are integrated into everyday instant messaging and social media applications, as well as through its own JAJAH direct-to-consumer offer. Its business solutions, which provide seamless IP communications services across the organisation, regardless of location or device, are used by thousands of small-to-medium and large enterprises across the world.

Matthew Key, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica Europe, said: “The acquisition of JAJAH broadens the scope of our communications offering and opens up new capabilities in the voice communication space. People using social networking sites such as Twitter now have an even wider range of communications channels available – and have the option of speaking directly to each other as well as communicating by text or keyboard.”

JAJAH has a successful range of innovative consumer, small business and enterprise solutions, combining Internet technology with telephony to create user-friendly, high quality communications services.

Trevor Healy, CEO of JAJAH, said: “This is a very exciting union of a young, innovative company with one of the largest integrated communications companies in the world. Together, we look forward to creating the next generation of communication.”

JAJAH will continue to operate under its current brand reporting into Telefónica Europe, which will be the first of Telefónica’s regional business divisions to offer seamless JAJAH services to customers wishing to extend their communications experience. Telefónica Europe was advised in the transaction by KPMG, and JAJAH was advised by CFP Corporate Finance Partners. Deutsche Bank acted as advisor in closing procedures.


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