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Magio Internet

14. 02. 2008 english späť

Motorola Selects IdaTech Fuel Cell System

IdaTech plc, a global fuel cell solutions provider, has been selected by Motorola to install and operate the ElectraGen(TM)5 XTR system in the Motorola "Real World Showcase" exhibit at the GSMA Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain, February 11 - 14. The IdaTech fuel cell solution will power Motorola´s telecommunications equipment -- including a BTS station, LCD display and a PC -- for the duration of the event. In addition to highlighting the IdaTech fuel cell system, the Motorola "Real World Showcase" will focus on a commitment to sustainable energy with other alternative power sources such as photovoltaic and wind.

Operating on a liquid fuel, the IdaTech ElectraGen(TM)5 XTR system provides a dependable and compact solution for Motorola with no requirements for onsite hydrogen storage which enables quicker and easier installation. By reforming and purifying HydroPlus, a mixture of methanol and water, the ElectraGen(TM)5 XTR system provides truly extended run backup power. In field installations, the ElectraGen(TM)5 XTR system provides an economically sound solution to help avoid traditional challenges associated with hydrogen delivery and storage. The IdaTech fuel cell system is ideal for remote sites such as telecommunications towers where frequent hydrogen delivery is not possible.

IdaTech President and CEO Hal Koyama said, "Motorola is a leading global telecommunications equipment and service provider with a dedication to reliable service, and our collaboration at the Mobile World Congress is an ideal chance to display IdaTech´s ElectraGen(TM) fuel cell products and reformer technology to a range of global customers. Operating for the duration of the event, the ElectraGen(TM)5 XTR dramatically demonstrates the power of IdaTech´s proprietary liquid fuel reforming technology and its ability to break through the ´hydrogen barrier´ to mass adoption of fuel cells by avoiding expensive and difficult site compressed hydrogen."

Please visit Motorola´s "Real World Showcase" located at exhibit space AV09 during the GSMA Mobile World Congress February 11 - 14 in Barcelona, Spain.


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